Our Wedding Cakes

We just love making Wedding Cakes

Big or small, to us they’re cakes full of love.

Every one of our Wedding Cakes are designed in consultation with the couple, baked fresh, decorated by hand and personally delivered and set-up at the venue. But there is no point in having a cake that looks amazing on the outside, but inside is just a dry old crumb, we believe every cake should taste as amazing as it looks, and we pride ourselves in baking the yummiest cakes.

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Design and Tasting Consultation

After initially contacting us, we will go through some basic information with you before inviting you to join us for a Complimentary Design and Tasting Consultation.The Consultation is your chance to sit down with us and try our cake. We will provide our most popular flavours to try, and will discuss how different flavours and tastes will fit with your wedding and the rest of your menu.

We will also discuss the design and theme of your Cake and how it fits with your wedding. We advice as this point to bring along any inspiration you have for your cake, such as colours, flower choices, invitations etc, so together we can design the perfect cake for your day.

Making and Baking

We bake every cake, to order, from scratch, as fresh as possible, which means as late as possible. We prefer not to freeze cakes, but individually bake each order the week of delivery.

All our decorations are handmade, and are often made well in advance to ensure that flowers are dried and models are properly set.

We will also speak to any other suppliers that we need to, such as florists and room dressers etc. to ensure everything is just as it should be for the cake table. Lastly, we will talk to your venue to arrange the perfect time for us to deliver your cake.

Delivery and Set-up

A crucial part of our service is making sure your cake arrives safely at your venue. We will deliver and set-up your cake, preferably in situ, ready for the grand cake cutting moment. To ensure the safety of your cake we rarely travel with more than 2 or 3 tiers ready stacked, which may mean we need to spend time at the venue stacking the cake and putting on the finishing touches. Finally, we take photos of your cake, both for our records and for us to be able to proudly share on our Website and Social Media.

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