Why buy a Daisy Cake?

So what makes a Daisy Cake cake different to other shop bought cakes, and even some cake shop cakes? Well funny you should ask….

1. All of our cakes are baked from scratch, by humans, with fresh, raw ingredients. No box mixes, no preservatives, just handbaked goodness. 

2. As many of our ingredients as possible come from within 10 miles of the bakery – eggs collected directly from the farm, from chickens that are so free range you sometimes have to swerve to avoid running them over. Flour milled from wheat grown on the Leckford Estate, Jam from foraged local fruit made into yummy preserves by Naked Jam, fruit either picked from our gardens or bought from the market just 100yrds from the bakery.

3. All other ingredients we use are of the finest quality, with as many as possible British – British Milk, Cornish Butter, British Cream….you get the picture. 

4. When we say Buttercream, we mean icing made with butter – not marg or a substitute – fresh whipped Buttercream made with butter.

5. All cakes are designed especially for you, baked freshly for you, and decorated by hand by one of our experienced cake artists. No 2 cakes are ever the same, when they’re this handmade, they can’t be!

We are proud to be members of Hampshire Fare, and are proud to serve a great community. We strive to find new and exciting cake designs, but above all believe a Cake should ALWAYS taste as good as it looks.

We take the time to produce pieces of art, from the finest local ingredients, designed to be memories of the future. 


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